Tropicana New Year’s Celebration

In a blink of an eye 2017 has come and gone! And what better way to celebrate the New Year than by creating an exotic party theme?

Picture this: a tropical setting, champagne for days, festive florals and decadent bites to ring in 2018!

Francesco Niesen and Kareena Fonseca are the masterminds behind our floral arrangements. All three arrangements we used featured our December Rose of the Month, Idole. We picked Idole for a particular reason. It is a great performer that will not blow up and will not overpower the other flowers and colors in the bouquets, something that was necessary for these vibrant bouquets.

We’re all about repurposing items we already own so we used a typical Colombian black clay pot for one of our centerpieces; the black clay really allowed for the colors of the flowers to come through. We also combined small matte black appetizer plates with mint, peach and marble plates we found on Etsy.

New Year’s Eve parties should always have a little gold or silver in the mix.  We paired gold pineapples and dinnerware and rose gold confetti with our silver and black tinted Eryngium to give it that sparkly touch.

Staying true to the theme of the night, we opted for Latin-inspired small bites like Guacamole and Shrimp Tostones, Steak Tartare and Ikura and Anchovy Montaditos, Chicken Croquettes with a Cilantro Aioli dip and Florida Stone Crabs with a mustard sauce.

To end on a sweet note, enjoy some dulce de leche macarons, key lime tarts and pistachio-chocolate sponge cakes.

All in all, this party theme is sure to impress your guests and transport you into 2018 in a place where mojitos and warmer weather are readily available. Don’t forget to add some edible flowers to your champagne for an extra bit of color!

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*Carlos Flores, Culinary Institute of America alum and chef-owner of Oasis Café, Las Olas Café and O My Desserts, created the menu.