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    Blooming Traditions: A Pink and Orange Thanksgiving for Fall 2023

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on gratitude, savor delicious food, and spend quality moments with loved ones. While tradition is at the heart of this holiday, sometimes, it’s refreshing to add a dash of creativity to the mix. This year, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with a twist, embracing a nontraditional color palette of …

  • Thanksgiving 2022: A Seasonal Tablescape

    This thanksgiving we’re not just playing with seasonal colors and flowers. We’re also adding vegetables and fruit into our tablescape and floral designs. We wanted to keep the menu simple for this year’s photo shoot and focus on the flowers. We wanted to create a beautiful arrangement and a flower MOMENT to make the table …

  • Inspired by Alice in Wonderland: Halloween 2022

    Our Halloween photo shoots are quickly becoming some of our favorites. We get to tap into our creative sides, collaborate with fantastic floral designers, and imagine a world full of floral possibilities. This year, we partnered with Michelle Riveròn, founder and creative director of Riveròn. We wanted to showcase some of our newer products such …

  • Halloween 2021: Euphoria with a Twist

    This year, we decided to forgo the pumpkins and play around with different colors and flowers to create something mystical yet romantic. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pumpkin-themed Halloween shoot. We just wanted to try something new.  We set out to create something that gave off both holiday vibes and that could …

  • Getting Thanksgiving Ready with Golden Flowers

    This year, we went all out with our floral decorations and our dessert and pastry options for Thanksgiving. We’re always ready for a good and juicy turkey but this time around we wanted to showcase how beautiful flowers and scrumptious desserts can really go hand-in-hand. Some might say we went overboard with all of our …

  • Variety Highlights: November 2019

    We want to keep you up to date with what varieties the farms are producing. Sometimes you’ll see a product that you already know is in production or sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out we carry a specific variety.  Although the variety or product might not be necessarily new, you may have no …

  • Our Fall Golden Bundle

    We’ve created a combo box that has color and floral staples for each season. The Golden Bundle  was born so that you and/or your customers could make your own creative floral designs with high-quality products and the appropriate color palette for the season. Our Golden Bundle comes with 90 stems. The Fall edition has the …

  • Tea Time with Cherry Spice

    Cherry Spice is our second featured bouquet series for the fall season. It’s lively and delicate at the same time and it’s a perfect addition to your morning tea get-together or any event you may have in the coming months. We’re really not experts on proper English high tea service protocols, we just thought these floral …

  • Saying Hello to Fall with Hayride

    Although we can’t feel it in Miami yet, summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season than by presenting you with the Hayride, one of four bouquet series in our Fall collection. The Hayride is rich in oranges and hot pinks, combining our staples such …