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  • Flower Magic for Mother’s Day

    There’s no denying that all moms and mother figures in our lives deserve a standing ovation after an incredibly difficult 2020. As the world shut down, these superhumans somehow did it all, balancing their jobs with new responsibilities and challenges. So, to honor their patience, commitment, and unconditional love, we set out to do something …

  • Say Sukii: Floristry as an Art

    One florist’s take on If you’ve been following us for the last couple of months, you know all about our partnership with the Flower Children. What you might not know is that the woman behind this initiative is an artist that uses flowers as a form of artistic expression. Her floral art transforms spaces, homes, …

  • Meet Oli Flor

    You’ll probably agree when we say that 2020 has taught us many lessons. Although it has been hard to be positive at times while we navigate our new reality, we’ve learned so much from our local and floral communities. This year has brought us closer to one another. We’ve built more meaningful connections with our …

  • Say Sukii and her Flower Children

    During the last week of May and all through June, we have made it our mission to Amplify Melanated Voices throughout our social media platforms. In what has been a wake-up call for a lot of the nation’s white population, we recognize that we have overlooked the challenges and struggles of the Black community. Furthermore, …