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  • A ‘Back to Basics’ Valentine

    We’re keeping it simple this year. We love a good excuse to create a “wow” moment or some explosive floral magic. The big holidays are when we pull out all the stops and make magic happen. As we went through the motions, we realized that maybe this Valentine’s Day, we could show the beauty and …

  • A “Cheugy” Friendsgiving

    Coming together for Delicious Food & Beautiful Flowers We say this every year: Thanksgiving is truly one of our favorite holidays. After spending the majority of last year apart and socially distanced, we decided it was time to come together and celebrate with our nearest and dearest. The beauty of this holiday is that you …

  • Saying Hello to Fall with Hayride

    Although we can’t feel it in Miami yet, summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season than by presenting you with the Hayride, one of four bouquet series in our Fall collection. The Hayride is rich in oranges and hot pinks, combining our staples such …