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  • Holiday Cookies and Candy Apple

    Alas, we come to the final series of our fall collection, the Candy Apple. Incorporating fall pompons with traditional holiday colors such as white, red and green really makes this series the perfect complement to your early holiday season plans. Some people take advantage of the holiday season; as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it’s time …

  • Tea Time with Cherry Spice

    Cherry Spice is our second featured bouquet series for the fall season. It’s lively and delicate at the same time and it’s a perfect addition to your morning tea get-together or any event you may have in the coming months. We’re really not experts on proper English high tea service protocols, we just thought these floral …

  • Glacier: Fun and Fresh

    For us, July is probably the most fun month of the season. Family vacations, weddings, cookouts and picnics are among the activities people engage in during the summer. Use these opportunities to create summer bouquets with our “Glacier” rose variety. Glacier is the right amount of white and it does not clash with any of …

  • The Summer Collection

    Summer has officially arrived and although this heat becomes pretty unbearable in Miami by Mid-July, we’re here to celebrate the longer days and hotter temperatures with you! We created (and by we, I mean Kareena) a vibrant Summer Collection featuring three different tones and color schemes, all with various price point and size options. These …

  • Striking and Energetic Orange Crush

    It’s finally getting warmer and we thought we would celebrate April with our impressive orange rose variety “Orange Crush”. Now that the days are longer and the sun is finally coming out more we can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We have some sun lovers here so we decided to pair “Orange Crush” with different …