An Iridescent ‘Galentines’ Day

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Before you give us your personal opinion about this holiday, hear us out. We have a new approach to Vday. You want to celebrate your significant other? Go ahead, we’re all for it! We’re also about celebrating those we love. Why not make Valentine’s day a special day for you and your family, your friends or even your co-workers?

Single or taken, we believe Valentine’s Day festivities are about celebrating LOVE. So this year, we decided to celebrate our favorite women; our moms, sisters, and friends with a quirky iridescent candy land themed Galentine (gals+ valentines) get-together.

Here’s what you’ll need to recreate our eccentric theme: We’re obviously going to start with the most important asset of any party, the flowers.

Once again, Kareena Fonseca, our star Mass Market sales advisor, designed two shimmering bouquets* that can be used as is or separate for smaller floral arrangements! These bouquets are also perfect for any spring wedding shower, birthday party or even a wedding! 

The idea behind using these specific combinations was to make sure the colors and flowers still stood out despite the very lively Temkin sleeves.

For our smaller arrangements, we used these simple clay vases and mason jars to not overpower the other decorations.

We had a blast decorating our space with galentines day cutouts, unicorn napkins, iridescent plates, sprinkles and TOO many sweets! We picked out an array of candy and chocolates, ice cream sandwiches, and cake. There’s no such thing as a sugar overdose, right? 

Every party should have a signature drink. Our drink of choice, The Unicorn Potion, is very simple to make. All you need is sprinkles for the glass rim, cotton candy and prosecco!

For a final touch, we bought fun cards and personalized them for each guest. We’re in the business of helping people express feelings so what better way to do that than by creating meaningful experiences that include flowers, personal handwritten cards and lots of your favorite sweets.

So for all of you that are Vday skeptics, we hope we’ve converted you into believers. It’s all about celebrating love. After all, the saying goes “Love makes the world go round”!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*For pricing information on the bouquets please call your sales advisor. For the complete bouquet recipes click here.