About us

With over 30 years in the flower industry, Golden Flowers is more than an importer and distributor of fresh-cut flowers. We represent a system of exclusive growers, breeders and a bouquet manufacturer that operate in Colombia, Ecuador and United States. 

We are part of a system of over 50 farms that grows more than 40 different flower types and 500+ varieties. We offer bulk product, consumer bunches and ready-made bouquets for wholesale and supermarket customers. We are committed to the finest customer service by providing quality control, logistics solutions, value-added services and broad product availability.

From seed to sale

We have implemented a system that allows us to trace, monitor and record our flowers’ journey from the moment the seeds are planted to the moment they arrive at your warehouse.

We have streamlined logistics with national coverage and real-time cold chain monitoring. This means our flowers are kept at the ideal temperature throughout their journey to ensure consistency.

Grown To Last

We have evolved and changed the look and feel of our brand. “Grown to Last” by Golden Flowers is much more than a rebrand and change.  Grown to Last is our guarantee that our flowers are not only high-quality & consistent but also long-lasting. 

It also means…

Giving invaluable and personalized customer service.

Creating meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, farms and our community.

There is so much that goes behind every single seed that is planted, every flower that is cut and every box that is packed. When you open a Golden Flowers box, you are receiving much more than just flowers. You are receiving a product that represents years of dedication, love and passion. After 30 years in the business, this is what makes our products and our relationships Grown to Last.

Our Certifications