Meet the team!

Golden Flowers opened its doors in 1989 with 15 employees. 30 years later, some of our original & founding members are still with us! Our family has grown through the years. We’ve seen babies grow into young adults, we’ve attended weddings, anniversary parties and we’ve even celebrated 20+ years’ work anniversaries. We are a group of people that love what we do, we are passionate about flowers and we work every day to make sure we are giving you the best service possible. Oh, and we like to have fun too!

“My experience with Golden Flowers has always been great. During high seasons, I know I can text or call my sales advisor and I’ll get an immediate response. This shows me that she cares!”

“I’ve been a customer for 18 years and consider my sales advisor at Golden Flowers more than just a business contact. I’ve had the pleasure of eating authentic Cuban food when I’ve visited—great experience.”

“I am always pleased with the high-quality and good pricing that Golden Flowers offers. I definitely consider them a partner in our success.”
“It’s refreshing to see that after 30 years in the industry and with all the changes that have taken place, Golden Flowers is reliable and consistent with its quality.” ​
“The importance that the Golden Flowers team places on creating long-lasting relationships with their customers is extremely valuable to me!” ​

“Your flowers are bulletproof!”

We got a message from one of our customers saying ‘It’s been almost a month and our flowers are still alive, we thought they were fake for a second. Our mind is blown at how long they’ve lasted and how good they smell!’ It was great to get that feedback!

This year has been particularly difficult for everyone in our industry, thank you for putting your customers first, for being 100% transparent and for working with us as we navigate such uncertain times.

We’ve been a customer for at least 15 years and one thing that sets Golden apart from the rest is their honesty and how efficient they work at fixing any problem that may arise.