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As representatives of the top growers and breeders in Colombia and Ecuador, we take pride in the growth and progress the farms have made throughout the years.

We are fully committed to long-term environmental sustainability. The farms comply with the most rigorous industry standards and certified by both Rainforest Alliance and Florverde Sustainable Flowers. 

Environmental sustainability is a core value at our organization, and involves every aspect of our operation, including the farms.  

We have access to more than 50 farms in Colombia and Ecuador, over 40 flowers, and more than 550 varieties. 

Not all flowers are created equal...

The Golden Standard

We pick the most consistent varieties that are farm-tested

We work with the best & most reliable breeders

Our organization developed its own exclusive breeding company

We use contemporary post-harvest processes

We implement cold-chain management 

We have 30 years in the industry

The Farms provide:

Healthcare for employees

Daycare for children of employees

Literacy and skills training 

Recreation & Sports facilities

Scholarships for higher education

The farms use sustainable practices:

Reduction of chemical use and water consumption

Soil improvement by organic composting 

Soil-less growing

We believe in building and establishing long-lasting partnerships

We curate and personalize customer service to fit your needs

Customer support for shows & open houses

Technical training

Marketing Support

Reward programs 

A culture of doing things right.
From seed to sale.