A Mother’s Day Brunch

Do you want to be your mom’s favorite child forever? This Mother’s Day, treat mom to a home-made brunch made by you. Trust us, she’ll be surprised by your floral design skills and even think you’re a professional chef.

Here’s how to recreate our brunch look.

Kareena went for a design that combined subtle tones with touches of lavender and green. We’re really digging this arrangement, not just because it has Veronicas (one of our favorite flowers right now) but also because it has an elegant air to it without feeling stuffy or boring.

The original bouquet is 36 stems so we went ahead and took it apart, played with the textures of the flowers and created smaller arrangements as well as a long and short one.

The beauty of having a bouquet on the larger side is that it gives you the freedom to create different designs depending on your style and what flowers you want to showcase more.

We paired our floral arrangements with some yummy brunch fare: We bought some Zak the Baker croissants and pastries cause who’s not a fan of some flakey goodness in the morning? If you’re not a Miami resident, go to a farmer’s market or your local bakery for some fresh bread! We also bought some bagels, cheese and smoked salmon (brunch classics FTW).

Make a crudité platter with some fresh veggies. We’re all about colors and we can’t stop staring at the beautiful vegetables on that plate. Pair the veggies with a homemade yogurt dipping sauce.

Fruit is also a good idea. We sliced some grapefruit, added some edible flowers for décor and placed them in dessert dishes from Crate and Barrel.

We added our spin to the classic shrimp cocktail by making a duo of sauces: a creamy base and a salsa verde for a nice kick.

Finally, we made a Spanish Tortilla from scratch and added some beautiful pink oyster mushrooms as a topping.

And voilà!

This Mother’s Day (and honestly, every Mother’s Day), go for beautiful, light and fresh! Trust us on this one, Mom (or anyone that you want to celebrate that day) will love it!