What’s Blooming: Sparkz

We’re excited to introduce a new series for our blog, one that we think you’ll not only like but you’ll also find beneficial!

Our “What’s Blooming” series will focus on new flowers that have finished the farms’ growing process and have met the highest standards of production. These flowers passed all the rigorous tests and are now ready for you, our customers!

“What’s Blooming” will focus on giving you important and relevant information so you’re well versed about specific products and ready when it comes to selling them to your own customers. We’ll provide you with some growing background, care & handling tips, packing information and maybe even some fun trivia facts and floral pairings.

We’re here to help YOU so if there’s any specific information you would like to know, let us know. Reach out to us and we’ll help you as much as we can!

For our first “What’s Blooming” edition, say hello to Sparkz. At first glance, you might ask yourself, “Isn’t that a Mini Carnation?” and you’re not wrong in questioning its appearance.

Sparkz come from the same “family” as Carnations and Mini Carnations. They are all a type of Dianthus. The main difference is that Sparkz are hybrids of Dianthus barbatus while Carnations and Mini Carnations are Dianthus caryophyllus. There—mystery solved!

Sparkz are made up of three different types of “flowers” : Raffine, Stars & Solomio.  These three different types of Sparkz have various varietal distinctions.

Raffine Sparkz are characterized as the smallest. They have plenty of petals and the greatest number of flowers per stem. Additionally, the production cycle for this particular flower is quite fast, which is always an added bonus.

Star resembles a star, hence its name and it’s also very striking. There are not as many flowers per stem but its size is bigger and its form will give any arrangement some edge.

Solomio have a softer appearance, the petal sizes are larger, fuller and can round out any floral arrangement. Most Solomio varieties are bright and vibrant bicolors. Some people even say they remind them of butterflies!

These flowers work perfectly as fillers for a bouquet arrangement or look beautiful on their own.

Take advantage of a special April promo price for an assorted quarter box of Sparkz and play around with the different varieties. You’ll get 20 bunches, 10 stems per bunch in each box. Call us at 1.800.333.9929 for more information & to place your order! Valid for customers with open and current accounts!

Click here to check out the varieties we carry. 

All Sparkz are grown year-round and have an approximate vase-life of 10 to 12 days. Cut the stem tips before putting them in water, add flower food and remove any leaves that might be touching the water. Clean out the dirty water every couple of days, like you normally would, and watch these beauties bloom!