Getting Thanksgiving Ready with Golden Flowers

This year, we went all out with our floral decorations and our dessert and pastry options for Thanksgiving. We’re always ready for a good and juicy turkey but this time around we wanted to showcase how beautiful flowers and scrumptious desserts can really go hand-in-hand.

Some might say we went overboard with all of our floral designs and options, but we beg to differ. There really is no such thing as too many flowers and once you see the pictures below, you’ll totally agree.

A special shout-out to Oasis Cafe in Key Biscayne and their new bakery concept, The Breadbox (opening soon!), for all of their amazing pastries and breads including the most delicious pecan pie we’ve had in forever. If you’re in the South Florida area, place your Thanksgiving orders with them ASAP. You can thank us later!

We incorporated our November Flower of the Month, our Solidago in most of the arrangements we made. We ordered it in its natural color (yellow) and also tinted versions so we could play around and make both traditional and non-traditional arrangements. 

For your celebration, you can go all out and incorporate mum balls, alstroemeria, novelty pompons or even veronicas or you can keep it simple. We did a beautiful dual tone rose and solidago centerpiece that we all fell in love with. Another great way to incorporate flowers into the mix is by adding small accent pieces around your table. 

The Breadbox’s  pastry chef, Renata, baked a cornucopia, which is an ornamental container shaped like a horn. This particular one was made out of bread and is not for the faint of heart! If you want to create an easier version to use as a centerpiece, click here!

The cornucopia can be stuffed with other pastries or desserts or even holiday decorations. We obviously went with flowers because there’s nothing better than decorating things with beautiful florals! 

For food, we went with some traditional holiday desserts such as pecan and pumpkin pie. We also tried an apple galette, which is essentially a french apple tart and it was delicious! We also got to try their signature empanadas. We live in Miami so empanadas are part of every celebration here! We then tried their alfajores, sandwich cookies stuffed with dulce de leche, a jalapeño cornbread and even some bread, because who doesn’t love bread!

So, as you can see, adding bright florals to and around the food gives the setting a pop of color! We had a great time making these floral arrangements and laying out the dessert table. In the end, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about: giving thanks for the blessings we have, enjoying the moments with the people we love and having fun with flowers. Oh, and of course, the food! There should always be delicious food! 

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Golden Flowers. Till next year!