An Ombré Floral Centerpiece for Valentine’s Day

We work hard to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your customers. We know tensions and stress can get to an all-time high while everyone preps for one of the busiest holidays of our industry but we like to see the positive in what we do. We’re lucky to work with such beautiful flowers! As an industry, we are rewarded by creating gorgeous floral designs that help our customers express their feelings towards their loved ones.

This Valentine’s Day we decided to create an ombré floral centerpiece that can work for both the holiday or for other non-holiday events. The beauty of this centerpiece is that you can recreate it for a romantic dinner for two or for a “galentines” brunch or even a birthday celebration!

For this centerpiece you will need:

  • Roses (white, peach, light pink, pink, dark pink, red)
  • Spray roses (white, light pink, pink, dark pink, red)
  • Gypsophila (white, tinted peach, tinted light pink, tinted dark pink and tinted red)
  • Spray Paint (if you will be tinting flowers)
  • 1 Triple Black Tray
  • 2 Double Black trays
  • Green waterproof tape
  • Oasis
  • Chicken wire (if you are doing the centerpiece on site, this is not necessary—but we recommend it so that the flowers are held together nicely)
  • Clippers/ Scissors
  • Water

The first step is to soak the oasis in water and then place it on each tray. You will then use the green tape to secure the oasis onto the tray. We recommend going around the tray twice with the tape.

After, you will measure how much chicken wire you will need per tray. You can cut the wire with clippers or heavy-duty scissors and again use the green waterproof tape to secure the chicken wire onto the tray.

If you are tinting some of your flowers, grab the spray paint and lightly paint them so that there’s a touch of color. Let them dry.

Choose the flowers you will be using, cut the stems to the desired length and take out any excess leaves or greens. Depending on the style you want for the arrangement, you can start adding the flowers to the oasis. For reference, we went from light to dark and used clusters of spray and regular roses to mark the shape of the design. We would then fill in the holes with the gypsophila.

Once you’re done, check the design and make sure the oasis is not visible. Cover empty spaces with extra flowers (especially with fillers such as the gypsophila).

Clean your working station and set the centerpiece on the table. For a finishing touch, add some rose petals around the table!

This ombré floral centerpiece is not only easy to do but will bring in that “wow” factor that your customers are looking for when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about romance—you can celebrate with people you love like your closest friends and family!

To our customers and fellow members of the floral industry, good luck during the holiday rush!