Flower Magic for Mother’s Day

There’s no denying that all moms and mother figures in our lives deserve a standing ovation after an incredibly difficult 2020. As the world shut down, these superhumans somehow did it all, balancing their jobs with new responsibilities and challenges.

So, to honor their patience, commitment, and unconditional love, we set out to do something big this year. We wanted to use all types of flowers and colors to create a show-stopping floral moment.

We also wanted to showcase flowers and colors that are not traditionally used for this holiday. Remember that no matter what color or floral varieties they are gifted, we guarantee mom (or dad, family friend, uncle, sister, etc.) will have a smile on their face when they receive their arrangement or bouquet. It’s not a marketing spiel, flowers have extraordinary powers and we’ll never get tired of saying that!

We worked with Olga Castillo of Contemporary Art, Flowers, and Events to create this floral installation. It was a beautiful sunny day and although it was extremely hot, (yes, we’re looking at you Miami weather), we were delighted and felt grateful to work with such beautiful colors and textures.

We started by incorporating greens into the base of the design. From there, we added fillers such as Limonium and some delicate Alstroemeria. As we continued to fill the structure, we added Roses, Daisies, Carnations, and even Aster into the mix. The advantage of being flexible when it comes to the actual design is that you can “go with the flow” and play around with the colors and flower combinations. Having the ability to be creative on the spot was liberating and fun.

Once the installation was complete, we invited several moms and their kids to get their portraits taken. The children were in awe of the flowers, touching and smelling them whenever possible. One mom, in particular, stole our hearts. Rosita shared with us that her 13-year-old daughter had just arrived the night before after not seeing her for two whole years. We felt honored to be a part of their special moment.

We also photographed a mom of three beautiful boys, a mom-to-be with her adorable bump, and a gorgeous mom and daughter duo that made us laugh out loud. The portraits are stunning, and they reflect the special bond each mother has with her children.

After it was all said and done, we were exhausted, but happy. We were reminded of the importance of hugs, laughs, and real human interactions. We also reaffirmed what we already knew- people love flowers, they make everyone happy, and there is an indescribable connection that is immediately felt when a person interacts with them.

We want to thank these moms for participating in our photoshoot. We also want to thank Julieta Nanni Van Dine for making our vision a reality. Lastly, we want to thank all the moms and mother figures out there. Whether you’re a single dad, an older sibling, or a family friend that takes on that mom role, we appreciate all that you do.

To all our floral industry friends, remember that any holiday can be celebrated on your terms! If you’re a wholesaler, supermarket buyer, or florist and want to have your own Mother’s Day festivities, celebrate this special day when your schedule allows because any day is a great day to celebrate, especially with flowers.

Happy Mother's Day!