Introducing the Flower Movement

Coming Together Once Again

After months of delays and uncertainty, WF&FSA‘s 2021 Floral Distribution Conference took place from June 7th to the 9th in Miami, Florida. It was great to see our colleagues, friends, and customers after being apart for more than a year. The excitement was palpable. There was an incredible amount of enthusiasm to exchange ideas and work together.

It was also a momentous occasion for our team at Golden Flowers. Gabriel Becerra was named the 2021 WF&FSA President. We want to share some highlights from his speech for those who could not make it and want to learn more.

Photos by: Ross Stewart Photography

The conference brought out a lot of energy, desire, drive, and, most importantly, bright ideas that we can develop and implement both into our businesses and the industry as a whole.

As many of you have seen in the past, Gabriel wears a button that reads “Helping People Express Feelings with Flowers.” At Golden Flowers, this is why we do what we do. For us, it’s more than just selling beautiful roses, carnations, alstroemeria, or novelty products.

Yes, our end goal is always for the consumer to feel great while receiving, gifting or arranging our flowers. And we also think about the individuals that touch these products throughout the way. Every flower that is planted, packaged, and sold is a representation of the dedication each person has put into their work and the flower industry. When we transmit love and confidence into what we do, others will be able to feel and see it in our products, too.

We’ve seen what our industry is capable of during the most difficult of times. We’ve seen how we can put our differences aside and work together to not only promote flower consumption but to make the world a better place. Flowers can transform people’s lives in the most positive ways. And guess what? The world now knows this.

Photos by: Ross Stewart Photography

We can take this opportunity to elevate our industry, work together, and create partnerships. If we support one another, we will be able to do great business. Throughout the past year and a half, we have shared the power of flowers with our local community. We encourage you to do the same. “Let’s use our beautiful products to connect with people, to support them, to collaborate, to spread the word that flowers are a great way to illuminate our lives.”

As Gabriel takes on his role as WF&FSA’s new president, we invite you to become ambassadors of the FLOWER MOVEMENT. We want everyone throughout the industry to “show the world what we do, to share the fascinating stories of our members, and to promote the features and benefits that flowers have.”

“Let’s make our industry stronger and better. Let’s embrace everyone,” as we strive to be a more inclusive and loving community. We have seen the joy and fulfillment flowers bring to people’s lives. It is time to show the world the “behind the scenes” and how working in this industry can be especially rewarding and fun.

As your colleagues and friends, we are here to encourage you to be a part of the transformation that our industry is experiencing.

The time is NOW. Are you ready to join the FLOWER MOVEMENT?