Like Love, Blooms Come in All Shades

A captivating bouquet of peachy and cream-colored flowers, a sweet symphony of love for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, we’re shaking things up with our vibrant floral campaign, “Like Love, Blooms Come in All Shades.”

While red may be the classic choice, we’re here to remind you that love, much like flowers, is a collection of emotions and experiences. Join us on this journey of color and creativity as we explore five distinct bouquets, each capturing the essence of different kinds of love.

With the help of Michelle Riveron of RIVERÓN, we’re bringing you these five bouquets that go beyond the cliché and explore how we can showcase love in different and unique ways. Here’s to redefining your customers’ Valentine’s Day flowers!

Peach collage inspiration moodboard for valentines day peach

Peachy Passion:

This lively bouquet is a celebration of laughter, happy moments, and the playful affection that makes relationships feel like a perpetual summer day. It’s perfect for those seeking a light-hearted and fun-loving Valentine’s Day experience.

Colors: Sunny Peach, Fun Novelty Orange, Soft Cream

Meaning: Think warm hugs, happy times, and playful affection. Perfect for expressing love that’s light, fun, and full of joy.

Suitable for: Celebrate a casual and lighthearted Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or anyone you share laughter with.

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Green moodboard valentines day green inspo collage

Green Harmony:

Step into tranquility with a bouquet where fresh green tones bring a sense of balance and growth. This arrangement, featuring lush green hydrangeas, blush pink scabiosas, and accents of white, symbolizes a love that evolves and deepens with time. It’s an ideal choice for those celebrating self-love or cherishing a relationship that brings peace and harmony into their lives.

Color: Fresh Green

Meaning: Represents a love that grows, bringing balance and harmony to life. Ideal for showing love to yourself or someone whose presence brings balance to your world.

Suitable for: Perfect for a self-love celebration or for a partner who brings peace and balance into your life.

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Blue inspo moodboard collage for valentines day

Tranquil Blue Serenity:

Shades of calm blue and gentle whites create an ambiance of peaceful connection. This bouquet, featuring blue hydrangeas, green carnations, and delicate white spray roses, is perfect for couples valuing open communication and seeking a unique, serene celebration. Ideal for those who want to step away from the ordinary and embrace a distinctive expression of love.

Color: Calm Blue

Meaning: Evokes calmness, open communication, and tranquility. A great choice for those who value peaceful connections and uniqueness.

Suitable for: Ideal for a quiet and intimate celebration, where calm and open communication take center stage.

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Pink images collage for valentines day pink flowers and decoration

Blush Pink Elegance:

Soft blush pink hues convey sweetness, thoughtfulness, and poetic love. This bouquet, adorned with elegant pink carnations, scabiosas, and delicate floral clusters, is a refined choice for those celebrating classic romantic evenings with a significant other or expressing heartfelt affection to friends and family.

Color: Soft Blush Pink

Meaning: Conveys sweetness, thoughtfulness, and poetic love. A subtle yet romantic choice suitable for expressing love to partners, friends, or family.

Suitable for: Celebrate a classic romantic evening with your significant other, or express heartfelt affection to friends and family.

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Lavender and purple moodboard for valentines day inspiration

Lavender and Purple Fairytale:

This is a dreamy bouquet that captivates with its supernatural lavender and purple shades. This arrangement, featuring pink cremons, lavender carnations, and playful floral buttons, embodies a romantic and whimsical love. It’s the perfect choice for secret admirers, those celebrating crushes, or anyone desiring a touch of mystery in their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Color: Dreamy Lavender Purple

Meaning: Brings a sense of whimsical and enchanting romance. Perfect for expressing dreamy sentiments or admiration from afar.

Suitable for: Use this bouquet to add a touch of whimsy to a secret admirer’s surprise, celebrate a crush, or create a dreamy atmosphere for a romantic date.

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Whether you’re expressing fiery passion, self-love, tranquil serenity, understated romance, or whimsical charm, our Blooms Come in All Shades and will make the perfect flower combination for you and your customers.

Mix and match, play with colors, or stick to tradition—there’s no wrong way to celebrate love. This Valentine’s Day, let flowers speak the language of your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us to you!