Winter Floral Wonderland

There’s a reason why people say “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. There’s something about December that make us smile and gets us overly excited (or ambitious) about our holiday projects. Maybe it’s the fact that the air gets cooler and the temperature drops or maybe it’s because it’s the perfect occasion to get together and spend time with the ones you love.

Whether you want to make gingerbread houses, floral arrangements or decorate the Christmas tree, include your friends and family and have fun!

For this year’s holiday post, we decided to create a couple of holiday wreaths and with our excess flowers, we made different bouquets we thought would go perfectly well with our winter wonderland themed gingerbread house.

To recreate the wreaths, here is a list of the supplies you will need: 1 wire wreath, floral scissors, floral tape and floral wire. We bought this super handy kit on amazon that included everything minus the wreath!

To create the base of the wreath we used pine, but you can use ruscus and eucalyptus or your favorite greens too! For the floral accents we used gypsophila, hypericum, spray roses, gold and silver ruscus and eryngium.

Step one: Cut your greens into smaller pieces and start tying them onto your wreath with the floral wire.Repeat this step until the whole wreath is covered in pine (or the greens of your choice) and no metal part can be seen.

Step two: Cut any stems or greens that are poking out from behind with floral scissors. Depending on how tight or loose you want your wreath, continue using the floral wire until you have the exact shape you are looking for.

Step three: Add on different floral accents with both floral tape and wire. Depending on the thickness of your wreath you are going to want to use either or. 

For our first wreath, we went with gypsophila, light green spray roses (variety: Luviana) and peach hypericum.

For our second wreath, we used gold and silver tinted ruscus and eryngium.

Step four: Hang your wreath, we used a metal hook. Here are several options

Step five: Spray your wreath with water! Although these wreaths are made with natural flowers, they aren’t meant to last forever so make sure to hydrate them so they last longer.

If you have any leftover florals from your wreath making, create simple yet striking bouquets to put around your house. We mixed our metallic tints with our natural flowers to create the perfect elegant balance.

These DIY Projects are fun to make and therapeutic, which is exactly what we all need before the holiday madness begins. We hope your December festivities are full of love, laughter and lots of flowers!

Happy Holidays!