Tea Time with Cherry Spice

Cherry Spice is our second featured bouquet series for the fall season. It’s lively and delicate at the same time and it’s a perfect addition to your morning tea get-together or any event you may have in the coming months.

We’re really not experts on proper English high tea service protocols, we just thought these floral bouquets really went well with floral plates, petit fours and pastries!

To recreate our tea setting, you won’t need much! A white tablecloth is probably best so your floral arrangements really stand out. We also went for a classical floral tableware, but we’ve seen some fun modern plates and tea cups so this part is up to you and what your personal preference is.

You can either make your favorite petit fours by following some of these recipes or buy some at your local French bakery. We opted for the latter (we’re no pastry chefs) and bought some from L’Atelier Monnier. We did, however, make our own fig and strawberry jam bars. Here are the instructions on how to create these breakfast bars!

All in all, Cherry Spice is perfect for any event you or your customers may have in the coming autumn months. If you’re hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon or breakfast, this bouquet series could work as well! 

For more information on Cherry Spice and our Fall Collection, please call your sales advisor at 1.800.333.9929.