Saying Hello to Fall with Hayride

Although we can’t feel it in Miami yet, summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate the season than by presenting you with the Hayride, one of four bouquet series in our Fall collection.

The Hayride is rich in oranges and hot pinks, combining our staples such as alstroemeria and roses with our novelty fall pompons –the perfect transition from the summer heat to the crisp, leaf-falling weather. 

To showcase the Hayrideseries, we decided to create another excuse to eat good food and surround ourselves with flowers. A “Hello to Fall” afternoon picnic was the perfect way to do this; right before it gets too cold to be outdoors!

Picnics are easy and fun when you create simple, yet delicious recipes that are easy to transport. We went with two sandwich options: Jamon Serrano with Manchego Cheese and Roast Beef with orange bell peppers, both on French baguette. You can find more options here. We also went with some fresh quinoa and barley salads that are vegetarian friendly and not too heavy. Add some cold cuts, potato chips, fresh fruit and thirst-quenching lemonades and you’re good to go!


Want to have fun outdoors while taking care of the surroundings? Same! We went for an eco-friendly picnic outing! You can find picnic baskets that include reusable silverware and dinnerware all over the internet (like this one from target for $36). We also found a company, Package Free, based in Brooklyn, New York that focuses on selling products that reduce waste! We were excited to try a few of the items they had to offer. We got some metal straws, bamboo silverware, mason jars and wax paper to wrap up our sandwiches—all reusable! We know that outdoor events and taking food to-go can sometimes mean creating unnecessary waste, so we wanted to experiment being more environmentally conscious in our everyday lives. And guess what? We loved our reusable items and had a great time!

For more information on the Hayride Bouquet Series, please call your sales advisor at 1-800-333-9929 .