How to Make Flower Crowns

We’ve always loved how people incorporate flower crowns for any occasion. They’re a perfect accessory for adults, kids, men and women alike and they are a great way to showcase your artistic side. People use them for all types of parties, wedding favors, wedding accessories and even for music festivals. And, sure, you like them, but is it something you can make?

The answer is YES! Flower Crowns are pretty easy to assemble. You just need the right tools and this tutorial and you’re good to go!

What you’ll need:

  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral/Wire Cutters
  • Flowers
  • Ribbon of your choice

Some tips before you get started:

  • Look for flowers that weigh less, the heavier the flowers, the more work and structure you’ll need to put into the crown to make it stable.
  • Measure the wire on your head before you start to make sure it’s the proper size that you’re looking for.
  • Use flowers that have longer vase-life and that don’t need too much water.
  • Add some foliage or greens.

For this tutorial we used:

  • Gypsophila
  • Solidago
  • Matsumoto (Purple and Dark Pink)
  • Statice (our June Flower of the Month)
  • Novelty Pompons
  • Eryngium


  • Choose the flowers you want to incorporate into the crown (pick some extra florals just in case).
  • Cut all of the stems to about 3 inches long, make sure to take off any laterals or foliage.
  • Wrap the tape around the wire (we suggest you do this several times for more support).
  • Fold the ends of the floral wire and seal it with additional tape.
  • Cut smaller pieces of wire for the flowers that will need more support (matsumoto, pompons etc.), add the wire and tape it to each flower. Add the tape at the top, where flower bud is located, and stretch it over slightly as you go around.
  • Once your flowers are taped and wired, you will start adding them to the longer wire along with the other flowers (fillers, eryngium).
  • Every time you add a flower, make sure to wrap tape around the flower and wire to secure them properly.
  • Place flowers and blooms over the top of your previously placed flowers in order to make the tape less visible.
  • Try to place flowers in one single direction (preferably on the outside part so it will stay put when you wear it).
  • Continue to add and secure flowers as you go, creating whatever pattern or design you like.
  • If you have gaps, add some extra floral and make sure the wire and the stems are well taped.
  • Once finished, cut the tape, curve the wire to create the crown shape, add the ribbon to the ends in order to tie it.
  • If you won’t be using it immediately, store it in refrigerated area and spray some water to maintain its freshness.

Send us your flower crown creations! We would love to see what you’ve come up with! Special thanks to Olga Castillo for her help (Follow her on instagram here).

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