Floral Shows: IFE 2019 Recap

This was a special show for us. We wanted to do something different, tap into our artistic side. Our idea was to make a Golden Flowers Floral Boutique, one that showed what we were all about.

We were looking for a “statement piece”, one that would grab people’s attention. We know flower walls aren’t anything new but we decided to create one with only bouquets. We picked out recipes and organized them in a specific color scheme to recreate the color wheel with an “ombre” effect. The end result speaks for itself in terms of design and it was also a great lesson in how to order the right amount of product and not have too much waste.

We also wanted something “extra”, an accent piece, something that was romantic but not too subtle. We stumbled upon a beautiful vintage-looking bike and decided to incorporate a small floral installation onto the back and a bigger one in the front basket.

We didn’t want to take away from the floral installations so we built shelves and placed bouquets that were simple but full of color and texture for the adjacent wall.

In front of this wall, we built a simple “work-station” where our floral designer created floral crowns, boutonnieres and other floral accessories for our visitors. Adding this interactive touch was not only fun for the people that stopped by but also for our team. 

We’re proud of our effort and teamwork for this event and wanted to share some of the event’s footage with you all. A huge thanks to Olga Castillo for all her hard work (you can follow her on instagram by clicking here) and to the marketing and mass market departments for their dedication in getting this done. We hope you enjoy!

P.S. For those of you wondering what we did with the awesome bike, we’re probably raffling it at Golden!