Variety Highlights: August 2019

We want to keep you up to date with what varieties the farms are producing. Sometimes you’ll see a product that you already know is in production or sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out we carry a specific variety.  Although the variety or product might not be necessarily new, you may have no idea it’s available through Golden Flowers! The idea behind this is to keep you in the know, to keep you informed and give the spotlight to a few varieties a month. That way, you can request samples, order these products and check them out!

Please keep in mind these products are subject to availability and as many of you know, when we’re introducing new varieties, production levels may be lower than usual.


Daisy Pompon

This Daisy Pompon is relatively new. It has a green center and white petals.

Unit: Bunches

Grading: Minimum 76cm

5-10 Stems per Bunch

280 Grams per Bunch



This Peppermint Carnation is a great option for the holiday season. 

Unit: Stems

Grading: Short: 40cm, Standard: 45cm, Fancy: 55cm, Select: 63cm 

25 Stems per Bunch


Mini Carnation

This Novelty Orange Mini Carnation is right on time for the end of summer and the fall season.

Unit: Bunches

Grading: 56cm

Minimum 3 Blooms per Stem

35 Stems per Bunch


Super Mum

This Light Pink Super Mum is a show stopper all on its own.

Unit: Stems

Grading: 60cm

5 Stems per Bunch

Flower Diameter: Minimum 15cm

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