The Evolution of “Grown to Last”

About two years ago, we began the task of what we thought would be a small rebranding for our boxes and sleeves. The result, through trial and error and lots of hours of work and dedication evolved into what became “Grown to Last by Golden Flowers”.

 While you’ve seen this on our sleeves, our boxes and even during presentations, we wanted to share a little bit about how it all came to be and what “Grown to Last” means to us, your Partners for Progress.

As we redesigned our boxes and sleeves we wanted to use our core colors: green and blue. We then looked beyond our logo and branding and focused on the farms. We asked ourselves a couple of questions:

  • Why are we proud of working with these farms?
  • What sets these farms apart from the rest?

Soon, the idea of “Grown to Last” began to take shape. We work with more than 50 farms that grow high-quality flowers. These farms look beyond what is trending and dedicate hours upon hours on finding breeders that are extremely reliable. They test out dozens of varieties in order to choose the most consistent ones, the ones that will perform the best.

The farms have invested in state-of-the-art technology that not only makes processes like propagation more efficient and reliable but also safer for employees and for the environment.

They prioritize employees’ financial and emotional well-being and have taken steps to implement environmentally-friendly standards resulting in Florverde and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

All of these qualities along with our cold-chain management and personalized customer service make our products, our flowers, long-lasting and Grown to Last.

While developing this concept, we started analyzing our visits to the farms, our daily interactions with our colleagues, people in Colombia and our customers. We realized that “Grown to Last” means so much more than just a great product.

There is so much that goes behind every single seed that is planted, every flower that is cut, every bunch that is packed and every box that is sold. We’re talking about years and years of collective dedication, of love and passion for what we do and the cultivation of meaningful relationships, some of which span more than 20 years.

Yes, Grown to Last is about long-lasting products but it is also about long-lasting relationships with our customers and employees and it’s something we are extremely proud of.

Over the next coming months, you’ll read and hear stories about our products and our team. You’ll get to meet some incredible people that work at the farms and you’ll get to learn about some innovative processes that are taking place. These are all integral parts that make our work at Golden Flowers possible and Grown to Last.