Social Media Tips and Best Practices during COVID-19

Whether you’re creating content, dealing with algorithms or planning an ad campaign, social media can be tricky and sometimes overwhelming. Now, on top of all of that, COVID-19 has made our lives even more complex. Managing your social media accounts can seem more daunting than ever. We created some tips that can help you with your digital marketing strategy and make social media planning less chaotic during these times.  

  • Be active—do your best to update your followers on any changes you will be implementing in real time. Your communication will be more positive and efficient the faster you let them know what’s going on.


  • Be transparent— talk to your customers about your current situation and what you and your team are anticipating for the weeks and months to come.


  • Be compliant—reassure your followers/customers that you are complying with all federal, state and local laws and orders regarding COVID-19. This includes telling them how you are processing products, handling deliveries/orders and how you are creating a safe environment for your employees.


  • Be conscious—Don’t overdo it with email marketing. Use your social media platforms as a way to transmit information that is not urgent—you can use your stories or live videos as a way to communicate these messages without inundating their inboxes.


  • Be personable—Use this as an opportunity to connect at a personal level with your followers. Practice empathy and show other people in the industry that you care and are aware of their struggles.


  • Be consistent—Stay true to your brand voice and message. Don’t confuse your followers!


  • Be creative—Now, more than ever, you can engage with followers by conducting virtual tutorials or collaborating with fellow industry members.


  • Be practical—Know that you can’t do everything. Budgets are tight so stick to what you can do within your resources.


  • Be supportive—Share resources like articles, webinars or podcasts that may be useful to your colleagues and customers. Click here for a list of resources that we’ve put together!