Celebrate Mother’s Day with Pantone’s Classic Blue!

There’s no denying that this year’s Mother’s Day is going to be and feel different. Whether you are a wholesaler that is closed or doing limited service, a florist that is only offering delivery or a consumer that usually gets mom flowers on this special day, we’re all feeling the impact of social distancing. Regardless of your situation, we know that flowers have the power to transform someone’s day and can have immediate positive effects on someone’s mental health.

So yes, we know this year’s celebration might not be how you imagined it but if you can’t give mom (or anyone special you celebrate on this day) a hug, give her flowers!

Pantone’s Classic Blue spoke to us in a very different way than any other past years’ colors. This last month reflects what this color means to us. It gave us the time to pause, take a step back and analyze how we could support and have a positive impact on our community. It also gave us the strength to carry on and evolve our business so that future generations can continue to enjoy the joy and benefits of flowers.

When we set out to design some bouquets for the holiday, we looked at these words: calm, confidence and connection and knew we could tie them in perfectly with a Mother’s Day bouquet. Our mothers, or people that have filled that role in our lives, tend to provide these three things. They provide tranquility and security and there’s really no equivalent to the bond a mother and child have.

To give our bouquets a lighter tone, we paired Classic Blue with these other colors from Pantone’s suggested color palettes:

We incorporated blue hydrangeas, eryngium and tinted blue gypsophila. We added some pink mini carnations and cremons (hello May 2020 Flower of the month), green alstroemeria, green ball, queen anne’s lace and yellow stock. We played around with different vases, making accent pieces as well as centerpieces. 

So, whether you are creating some arrangements for customers, buying flowers for mom or trying to figure out what flowers to order for the holiday use this color palette and flower selection as inspiration.