Holiday Front Porch Installations

How oli FLOR is redefining holiday cheer in 2020

A few months ago, we introduced you to Danielle, designer, and owner of oli FLOR. We’re obsessed with her designs, her take on sustainability, and her positive and generous personality. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to follow her on Instagram, trust us!

We couldn’t help but fall immediately in love when she posted about a fall front porch installation. We quickly made plans to collaborate on one together to show you the magic of her creations.


Danielle explained that she usually forages for most if not all of her designs. We loved how she wanted to incorporate foraged greens and Florida berries with some holiday staples like pine, gypsophila, and red roses. Danielle’s designs are anything but traditional and it was exciting to get to see how well she mixes colors and textures. We also loved how easy it felt to work with her. In a matter of 10 minutes, she and Travis (her amazing friend), had figured out the mechanics of the structure. They made sure to secure it so it could withstand the unpredictable Miami weather while also making sure it had a natural flow to it.

While planning the installation we talked about having some of the traditional colors but also adding a slight pop of color. We did this by adding some coral billy balls, dried greens, as well as some dried roses. These “moments”, as Danielle referred to them, give the installation just the right amount of Miami spice without overpowering the holiday motif. 

What’s even more exciting about her installations is that since most of the product is already dried, it will last a long time. We did add some red roses with water tubes, which can be easily replaced. We love that Danielle embraces and celebrates flowers’ circle of life. While some might throw out a wilted flower, she sees an opportunity in creating art with it. 


Creating long-lasting and sustainable front porch installations for the holidays seems more important than ever. In a year where many people may spend the holidays alone, Danielle is offering them a way to share the holiday spirit with neighbors and friends. 

For the most part, we considered floral installations to be party or wedding accessories. We had never thought of them as something that could be done for the holidays on someone’s front door.  After seeing some of our neighbors’ positive reactions, we almost want to do an installation every month.  Thanks to Danielle, we realize that everyday flowers don’t just have to come in arrangements, flower installations don’t just have to be for special occasions. Now, more than ever, we can do big and fun flower things just because!

As an industry, we can help people express feelings with flowers in so many different shapes and forms. We hope this beautiful holiday installation inspires you to continue to share the power of flowers with others. Have a safe and happy holiday season. 

We want to thank Danielle and Travis for their time, design skills, and dedication!