7 Days of Valentine’s

Celebrate ALL kinds of LOVE!

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is one day that’s reserved for lovers, significant others, and romance. As members of this industry, we will always advocate for inclusivity and expressing all sorts of feelings with flowers.
After an incredibly difficult year, we believe this Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating ALL types of love. And what if we celebrate LOVE all week?! Yes, that’s right- we’re talking about Valentine’s Week or 7 days of Valentine’s.
This year, we encourage you to celebrate different people you love throughout the week of February 14th. We’ve come up with 7 floral gifts that can be given to loved ones that celebrate the love you feel for them!

DAY 1- Sibling Love

Create a beautiful orange floral bouquet for a sibling you love.

Orange exudes warmth and joy and is considered a fun color that provides emotional strength. This description reminds us of our wonderful siblings. Siblings are in our lives to uplift us and have fun with us. Orange is a youthful color that reminds us of the fond memories of our childhood with our siblings.

Here’s what we used for this recipe: Orange & Peach Roses, Cocculus, Peach Cremons, and Orange Spray Roses

DAY 2- Parental Figure

Show some love to Mom, Dad, or a parental figure with some florals.

The color Blue represents trust and loyalty. It has a calming and relaxing effect on us, giving us peace and helping us feel secure and confident. Parents or people that have filled that role will always hold an incredibly special place in our hearts. Honor them this week with a bouquet or arrangement that communicates this special type of love and bond.

Here’s what we used for this recipe: White Alstroemeria, Tinted Blue Solidago, Eryngium, and Blue Hydrangeas


Have fun this Vday, creating small floral grams for your friends.

Yellow is the perfect color to represent special friendships. Yellow is the color of happiness and optimism. It’s a cheerful and energetic color. Why not celebrate the love you have for friends with beautiful Valentine’s Day Floral Grams? Personalize these grams with handwritten notes sharing one thing you love about each friend!

Here’s what we used for this recipe: Yellow & Peach Roses, Craspedia (Billy Balls), Yellow Spray stock, Sunflower, and White Sinensis Limonium

DAY 4- Fur Babies

Fur Babies deserve some Valentine’s day love too. ( this was one of our favorites, obvy!)

Let’s face it- our fur babies have become more important than ever since we began working from home. They’re our everyday companions and we can’t live without them! Create a cute collar or flower crown to honor your pet this holiday. Use pink flowers to represent that comforting, reliable, and playful relationship you have with your pets!

Here’s what we used for this recipe: Pink Spray Roses, Ruscus, Pink Matsumoto, Pink Mini Carnations, and Tinted Pink Gypsophila

DAY 5- Flower Love for your Lover

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Week without celebrating your significant other.

This year, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day your way? Gift your significant other some unique flower love on the Friday before the actual holiday! Mix up the traditional red roses with a bit of pink and lavender flowers. Emulate the passion, fun, and trust that a romantic relationship symbolizes with this fun mix of colors!

Here’s what we used for this recipe: Pink & Purple Roses, Red Spray Roses, Lavender Alstroemeria, Pink Stock, Novelty Pompons. 

DAY 6- Honor a Healthcare Hero

Honoring someone is a form of Love!

Our Healthcare Heros have done so much for us this past year and continue to do so. Why not show them our appreciation with some beautiful flowers? Green is the color of harmony and health. Green is a color that revitalizes our body and mind. Mix some green roses with light peach and pink flowers and shower that special healthcare or frontline hero with much-deserved love.
Here’s what we used for this recipe: Green & Novelty Pink Roses, Green Spray Roses, Earthtone Carnations and Mini Carnations, Orange Snapdragon and Liriope. 

DAY 7- Some TLC

Show yourself some love!

On February 14th, show love to the most important person- Yourself! If we’ve learned anything in the past months, loving yourself is so important. Flowers have an enormous impact on our mental health. So, treat yourself to a little floral love, you deserve it! Purple enlightens, inspires, uplifts, and encourages. White refreshes, balances, gives hope and clarity. This combination is perfect for a little self-love!
Here’s what we used for this recipe: Purple & White Roses, Purple Alstroemeria, Liatris, Purple Veronicas, White Aster and White Spray Roses. 

So, there you have it. This year, we’re going to celebrate love all week long. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll celebrate Valentine’s all month long!

*Designs by Olga Castillo of Contemporary Art, Flowers & Events