Halloween 2021: Euphoria with a Twist

This year, we decided to forgo the pumpkins and play around with different colors and flowers to create something mystical yet romantic. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good pumpkin-themed Halloween shoot. We just wanted to try something new. 

We set out to create something that gave off both holiday vibes and that could work for a wedding or an event during October (or even any time of year). We were going for a mystical look a la Zendaya’s Euphoria without the drama or the danger. We wanted to focus on the strong bond and friendship that the main characters, Rue and Jules, form at the beginning of the series while adding floral magic into the mix. 

Image by HBO

As a small business, it can be challenging to create showstopping content with a small budget. Hence why we rely on our amazing friends for help. Our wonderful friend, Diandra Marie, let us borrow her backyard to create this magical floral oasis. Additionally, her sister and friend volunteered to model, and wow, they are naturals! 

We wanted the girls to feel comfortable, play with flowers, and ultimately have a great time. After all, being surrounded by flowers always makes us happy; we wanted to share the power of flowers with them. Nowadays, we see beautiful floral street art all over the world. The concept entailed a pair of friends enjoying an impromptu photoshoot, creating beautiful floral Instagram moments.  

Olga Castillo of Contemporary Art Flowers & Events used chicken wire and zip ties to create the structure. We used Gypsophila, Carnations, Roses, Ah!maze Roses, Palm, Pompons, and Mum Balls. The color scheme we worked with included pink, lavender, purple, and orange. We also added some peach and blue touches along the way. 

As life goes, nothing ever really goes as planned, especially in Miami. Rain is unpredictable in this city, and of course, it rained on us. However, looking back at the photos, it added to the magic and made us enjoy it even more. 

We hope you enjoy this beautiful shoot as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life. Let us know your thoughts!

Photography by: Julieta Nanni Van Dine