A “Cheugy” Friendsgiving

Coming together for Delicious Food & Beautiful Flowers

We say this every year: Thanksgiving is truly one of our favorite holidays. After spending the majority of last year apart and socially distanced, we decided it was time to come together and celebrate with our nearest and dearest.

The beauty of this holiday is that you can create your traditions. Yes, turkey is delicious and we always eat all of the cornbread, but sometimes it’s fun to play around and create a unique menu for your guests.

This time around, we hosted a special evening for our friends. Many of us had been apart for so long. So, we wanted to share a nice meal with our closest friends. We decided on a theme for the night: a Cheugy Friendsgiving.

For those of you living under a rock, according to UrbanDictionary.com, cheugy is the opposite of trendy. The word is used when someone still follows these out-of-date trends. So to honor our “cheugyness” we went for a classical menu featuring items like teach sandwiches, deviled eggs, Beef Wellington, potatoes dauphinoise, and even some green beans. Although out of style, these dishes are true classics and absolutely delicious.

To balance out the classical dishes with some modernity, we opted to create a fresh flower garland across the table with small bud vases and an off-white gauze table runner. We were looking to combine regal and boho elements. We added tea candles throughout the table and seasonal-colored cloth napkins as well. 

To create the floral garland, Olga Castillo of Contemporary Art, Flowers, and Events attached mini bouquets of Mum Balls, Spray Roses, Carnations, Novelty Pompons, and Leucadendron to Seeded Eucalyptus. Once the garland was complete, she went back and filled the holes with roses and more pompons. Our color scheme included: novelty orange, burgundy, cream, cream, peach, yellow, and bronze. 

Additionally, for the bud vases and one other floral arrangement, she reflexed some roses, giving the table a touch of non-traditional colors and textures. 

The idea behind creating this photo shoot was really about coming together, collaborating, and having special moments with friends. While we helped with the menu and the floral vision, our friends cooked the delicious food, brought wine and desserts, and even helped plan and set up the evening.

Creating the menu and the vision for this shoot took time and effort. Yes, we were pretty exhausted by the end, but both our bellies and hearts were full.

We’re here to remind you that no matter the size of the gathering, make it fun! After spending so many months apart, this is what matters. Enjoy creating these special moments, celebrate life with those you love, and incorporate beautiful flowers into everything you do. 

A special thanks to The Hungry PostFlour & Weirdoughs, and Julieta Nanni Van Dine

Happy Thanksgiving!