Wedding Floral Trends 2024

Outdoor flower arrangement with yellow, purple, peach, and pink roses resembling a fruit and vegetable wedding trend.

There’s nothing we love more than helping your customers express feelings such as love! With wedding season upon us, we couldn’t help but get in on the fun. 

This year, we wanted to see how to incorporate our flowers into different wedding trends. With the help of Ana Valencia from Let’s Bloom Floral, we created five different looks based on trends and inspiration from floral industry leaders such as Martha Stewart, The Knot, Poppy Flowers, and Rachel Cho. We added our golden touch to each look using our flowers and our vision to create five different wedding moments you can incorporate into your designs this summer. Let us know what you think! 

Bold, Bright Colors: Inspired by Martha Stewart and The Knot 

Flower arrangement composed of various shades of fuchsia using roses, cushion pompons, sparkz and inconfetti. arrangement is placed inside a silver vase on top a wooden table

We love to see bold and bright colors take center stage for this year’s wedding season. Don’t get us wrong, we love a delicate moment, but there’s something magnetic about couples who have fun by incorporating pops of color in their wedding florals. For this design, we envisioned bright pink and purple flowers as bold centerpieces. Ana designed this beautiful arrangement using our Dark Pink Ah!maze Roses, Pink Roses, Purple Cushion Pompons, Dark Pink Sparkz, and for added texture our lavender Iconfetti. 

Fresh Fruits and Herbs: Inspired by Rachel Cho and Martha Stewart

Outdoor flower arrangement with yellow, purple, peach, and pink roses. Local tropical fruits like lemons, papayas, dragonfruit, grapefruit, and oranges are displayed across table surrounding flower arrangement.


This is one of our favorite trends of the season! We love dramatic tablescapes and we love any excuse to add food to them. So, this was the perfect trend for us. We wanted to mix some bold and bright colors and add Summer and Miami vibes by incorporating oranges, grapefruits, lemons, papayas, and dragonfruits into this design. To recreate this look, use our Yellow Roses, Novelty Orange Ah!maze Roses, Kale, Peach Hypericum, and Purple Astronova. 

Long Stem Designs: Inspired by The Knot 

Two arrangements of purple Astronova in tall clear vase sitting on wooden staircase steps showcasing the flowers long green stems. Near the vases are three white lit candles, one on each step.


This simple trend needs a show-stopper and main character energy to make it pop. Naturally, we thought our novelty Astronova would do the trick! Playing with height and texture is an affordable, yet elegant way to get the most out of your wedding flowers. For this design, you can play with two different colors of the same flower, such as our purple and pink Astronovas. 

Minimal Greenery: Inspired by the Knot 

Women in white lace wedding dress hold round bouquet of white roses with touches of eucalyptus and inconfetti whilst sitting down.

This is our interpretation of this trend and an ode to the classical round bridal bouquet. When we think about minimal greenery, we envision something with more structure and less free-flowing movement. We also wanted to go with traditional colors and flowers to bring this look to life. If you want a little tradition in your wedding florals, recreate this with our Baby Blue Eucalyptus, White Ah!maze Roses, White Waxflower, and White Iconfetti. 

Monobloom: Inspired by Poppy Flowers 

Monobloom arrangement comprised of

We have so many positive things to say about this trend! We love how creating a monobloom arrangement gives depth, texture, and gives the spotlight to the beautiful flowers. And you truly can’t go wrong with the monobloom concept! Whether you want to focus on one flower for all centerpieces or pick different flowers to create these arrangements, they’re going to be the talk of the party. To create this look, use our lavender mum balls. 

We’re so inspired by all of these beautiful wedding trends for 2024 and we hope this post inspires you too! If you recreate any, please share your photos! We’d love to see them.