A ‘Back to Basics’ Valentine

We're keeping it simple this year.

We love a good excuse to create a “wow” moment or some explosive floral magic. The big holidays are when we pull out all the stops and make magic happen. As we went through the motions, we realized that maybe this Valentine’s Day, we could show the beauty and power of flowers in their most simplest form. 

By showcasing flowers just as they are, we want to remind you and your customers that even the most simple floral bouquet or flower bunches can go a long way.

An unpretentious rose bunch can do the trick. A Godetia bouquet can convey love. A mixed bouquet can transmit “I’m thinking about you.” It’s not just “the thought that counts”. It’s that any flower, simple or extravagant, can be a vital part of your love story. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or a romantic partner, flowers will always help communicate these positive feelings with the most important people in your life.

Our idea of “going back to basics” for this holiday is not to say that beautiful and elaborate floral art is not the answer to your Valentine’s Day. We love a big floral centerpiece or installation (check out Instagram for some inspo). However, we realized we rarely create posts about uncomplicated floral bouquets. Sometimes a simple gesture goes such a long way. As we looked at our Rose bouquets, we were nostalgic for our time in school. We remembered gifting and receiving flower grams for Valentine’s Day. Two unassuming rose stems tied with a pink or red ribbon would make our day or even our week.

Although Middle & High School weren’t always pleasant, we remember these moments fondly. Even at a young age, the excitement of receiving AND gifting flowers leaves a mark. So, if at 13 or 14 years old, two stems of roses made you and your friends smile, imagine what receiving a dozen roses can mean to your neighbor. Or what about gifting a beautiful dual-tone Rose and Alstroemeria bouquet as a Valentine’s Day gift to a loved one?

Maybe it’s all the retro inspo we’ve seen lately on Instagram that has us feeling nostalgic. Maybe this holiday less is more. Maybe your customers are looking for the classics or creating an “Ode to the 90s” Valentine’s Day drop. Whatever the case may be, remember that flowers, in a simple arrangement or in an extravagant centerpiece, will always convey LOVE. This year, we’re choosing to go back to basics and you’re welcome to join the party!

Happy Valentines Day! From: Golden Flowers