Inspired by Alice in Wonderland: Halloween 2022

Our Halloween photo shoots are quickly becoming some of our favorites. We get to tap into our creative sides, collaborate with fantastic floral designers, and imagine a world full of floral possibilities.

This year, we partnered with Michelle Riveròn, founder and creative director of Riveròn. We wanted to showcase some of our newer products such as micro pompons and dianthus balls. We knew we wanted pops of color and texture. So, when we started brainstorming with Michelle, we thought, “How about an Alice in Wonderland-inspired photo shoot…but make it creepy?”

We all know the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, but we wanted to pay homage to Lewis Carroll’s version published in 1865.  We were inspired by its mystical and “darker” interpretation. How do you recreate this darker version of Alice in Wonderland? Well, you thrift and look for vintage china and glassware. You also look for a vintage outfit, not the Disney costume version. Most importantly, you find a very green and beautiful outdoor location where you can start setting up at dawn. You also check the forecast a thousand times hoping it won’t rain. 

On a clear Sunday morning, we began setting up at 5 am. With chicken wire, Michelle created a floral installation that was subtly color-blocked to imitate the wild features of the greenery around us. We used White and Purple Micro Pompons, Red and Burgundy Alstroemeria, Burgundy and Purple Dianthus Ball, Purple and Red Mum Balls, Novelty Purple Carnations, Novelty Purple and Burgundy Sparkz, Novelty Purple Scabiosas, Green Balls, White Hydrangeas and Lepidium.

By the time the floral installation and set were ready, the sun was rising. This was the perfect natural light to capture the beauty of the flowers and the “creepy” vibe we were going for. Our photographer, Julieta completely understood our vision and created absolute magic. Our model, Jordan, was exactly the Alice we were imagining, a vision!

The early call time was completely worth it! We love when an idea comes to life and it’s even better than what you imagined. The most rewarding part of this journey was to work with a team that actively participated in the creation and execution of this vision, which made it a fun and gratifying experience in the end.

We hope you love these shots as much as we do. The heat, mosquitoes, and waking up at the crack of dawn were all part of making this shoot one to remember!