• High Flower Demand

    A Challenge We Can Overcome It’s no secret that flower demand is at an all-time high. It’s also no secret that flower production has not been able to keep up with this high demand. This has created significant challenges for everyone in the industry. After such a complicated year, we know it’s frustrating that you …

  • Learning about the INV Process

    Some of you may know what INV means but don’t not know everything that goes into the process. Others might not even know what these three letters stand for. We’re here to answer any and all of the questions you didn’t even know you had about this topic! INV stands for Introduction of New Varieties. …

  • Farms 101: Rionegro Edition

    Last month, we visited the farms that we represent in the Rionegro Valley. The purpose of our visit was to learn more about their cutting-edge facilities, high-quality growing methods and their continued commitment to socially-responsible practices. Some of us were visiting for the first time and it was exciting to see that their core mission …